A catalyst towards transformation at the grassroots level.

Megacities seeks to strengthen what exists and partner to create what does not exist. Megacities works with the whole body of Christ within a city, developing a network of relationships with churches, aid organisations and government. Our first city was in Hyderabad, India in 2002. Since then we have focused on many other cities, including Mexico City and London. RIGHT NOW we are seeing teams arrive into Manila, Philippines as part of our 2017 year long focus. In every city, we have seen God do great things, inspiring unity, church growth, mobilisation of the local body of Christ, pioneering of new ministries, salvations, miracles and the spark of transformation in communities. We invite you to bring a team and join us to see God breakthrough in Manila.

Megacities in Manila

We invite international teams into a city, partnering together with local initiatives for city change.

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What is God already doing in a city, and what does he long to see happen? Together with the body of Christ in the city, as we hear God, we seek to strengthen what already exists, and create what doesn't yet exist.

On the streets and in communities there are a multitude of opportunities meaning every form of ministry can find an expression. Evangelism, Performing Arts, Healthcare, Sports Ministry, Art, Music, Bands, Intercession, Children and Family Ministry, Counselling, Advocacy, Appropriate Technology and every other expression of the love of Jesus has a place on the streets of the city. Then, through many waves of teams, each building on the previous, the momentum leads to great breakthrough that the local church can continue to sustain long after Megacities moves on.

Megacities’ purpose is for cities to see God, respond to his loving kindness and be restored back to God’s original purpose - to honour God in all they do.