2017 Manila

A Growing Church

Sep 14, 2017 | Written by mc_admin |

Metro Manila Plus, with 23 city regions and 14 million people, is the focus of Megacities for 2017. So far there have been over 80 teams from around the world who have come to Manila since January this year to participate through Megacities. Soon there will be another 30+ teams who will arrive and work in the city until the completion of Megacities in December.  Over 16,000 people have given their lives to Christ since the beginning of the year. What a great honour it has been to see God move in this way.


During the third wave (July – Sept), nineteen teams from Switzerland, USA, New Zealand, China and Australia joined with Megacities. They continued to have access into prisons, juvenile detention centres, orphanages, schools and universities to share the gospel to thousands, pray for people and disciple. Teams could go deeper in ministry, bring hours and hours of intense discipleship teaching, including Discipleship Seminars, BELT (Biblical Education and Leadership Training) seminars and others. Evangelism lead to the largest amount of salvations in a single wave with more than 6000 during the three months. In a high school of 8,000 students, 1,700 received Christ over 2 weeks. A basketball ministry was established with a local church that saw a multiplication from 20 children attending to 80 children. This ministry is now run and organised by the church and their youth group. Weekly ministry in slums and in Muslim communities saw doors open with long term opportunities to bring Jesus into these communities.


Filipino youth joining our teams are excited about ministry. They are actively stepping into evangelism, sharing their testimonies and the gospel, many for the first time. “We were able to hear stories of the Filipino youth seeing instant healing, leading people to commit their lives to Jesus, and simply stepping out in boldness to reach their own city!  The senior pastor joined us for everything and came back with many salvation accounts and an excitement to have the youth growing in a lifestyle of evangelism.” – Lucy, Homes of Hope DTS


Pastors testify about the impact of Megacities in their church and community. Some are looking for new locations to meet because of church growth, others have been assisted by Megacities teams to plant new churches. Bishop Leo Alconga, a nationally renown leader in the body of Christ said, “I consider Megacities a great blessing to the Philippines church, a great partner in the work of reaching people for Christ, a great encourager for people to really wake up and get involved in the work of reaching people for Christ, and I believe that Megacities has not only conducted partnership with local churches, but reached people beyond the measure of the function of the church. The local church is doing well, but with partnership we [are] doing greater. I thank God for Megacities.”


There are more stories than can be recounted already and still there is three months remaining. The investment of the third wave of teams has been invaluable. The next wave will see another 250+ people come to the city, as well as the Global Youth Outreach – a large scale conference focused on holiness, the presence of God and young people rising up as leaders in the their community, city and region. Each wave is built on the foundations of what came before, leading to a final result that we pray will be the beginnings of city wide transformation. Keep praying that this transformation will happen in Manila, and will extend to the rest of the Philippines and beyond!