2014 Kolkata

Breakthrough Beginning in Kolkata

Jul 4, 2014 | Written by mc_admin |

Over the last two weeks many teams have entered Kolkata, India through Megacities. Over a year of preparation has led to our largest first wave of teams ever! There are currently 9 teams in the city with another 10+ on the way!

Already God is doing great things. Most teams have started with public Bible reading, prayerwalking and spiritual mapping. Now as they are engaging in communities, people are getting moving in great ways in the city. A team in the centre of the city has already seen 2 people miraculously healed on the street. Another team working with primary health care have seen even greater breakthrough:

We went into a slum area with some local people as translators to look for sick people. We didn’t have to look far! As soon as we sat down at one person’s house many sick people came to us. Ten people gave their lives to Jesus and eight of them were instantly healed!

Many teams wonder how they will be able to communicate when they come to Kolkata. They are finding it’s easy to get locals to translate, but sometimes those local translators aren’t Christians themselves. What some may think is a problem, becomes a great opportunity:

One of our translators had been open with us earlier that day saying “There are 1,000 reasons why God cannot exist”. Throughout our mobile clinic he was translating the Gospel for us and watching as miracles happened right in front of his eyes. As more people received healing, he said, “Your prayers really work!”. At the end of our ministry time, he decided to give his life to Jesus as well, and as we left, he told us “I have changed my mind, I know now that there are 10,000 reasons why God is real.”

Kolkata is the 7th city Megacities has targeted. In every other city God has proven himself powerful, righteous and faithful! Already it is happening again. As this is only the beginning, the anticipation for transformation in the city over the course of the next 12 months is high! We can’t do it alone. We need your prayer! Find out how to join us and pray for Kolkata regularly by emailingprayerwall@megacities.org.au! Prayer transforms!