2017 Manila

Bringing Jesus to the Streets of Metro Manila Plus

Jun 22, 2017 | Written by mc_admin |

Wave 2 of Megacities in Manila included 36 teams. Seminars like “Humility and Hunger” and Worship for the Nations – “Let Heaven Come” added strength to the growing momentum developing on Manila. Teams from YWAM Perth, as well as South Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and other parts of Australia, came to build on what had already happened in the first wave, and added their own contribution, bringing Jesus to the streets of Metro Manila Plus.

Wave 2 was during the hot season of the Philippines but this didn’t stop the teams from going out every day to share about the love of Jesus. All kinds of Evangelism took place all over the city, leading to nearly 5000 recorded salvations over the 3 months, bringing the total since the start of the year to over 10000.

Many teams did open airs as a way of sharing the gospel. Open airs were done in prisons, on the street, in malls, even in hospitals. Many teams did forms of ministry in prisons, minstering into a major felt need in the whole city. Most teams during this wave were actually welcomed into prisons or detention centers where they could freely share the gospel and even start discipleship with the inmates who got saved.

Several teams felt by God to trust for finances to be able to purchase bibles and do bible distribution. They bought bibles to give out in the communities they were working in, with the result that many people received a free bible, but also local Christians were inspired do to this more often! During the second corporate gathering, in South Caloocan, the teams were also able to hand out over 300 bibles in one afternoon!

Because this wave was during the school holidays, the Megacities teams had many of the local youth join them for ministry. Many pastors shared that their young people are not only inspired by the teams, but are now going out by themselves to do prayer walking and evangelism.

One of the pastors shared:
“The best thing that Megacities has done is to inspire our youth to do street evangelism and to have a heart to win souls. When our young people joined the Megacities teams they have been compelled to share the gospel. The teams have triggered their heart for evangelism.”
Pastor Jerome – South Caloocan

Reports like this from pastors have poured in as Wave 2 ends and Wave 3 soon begins. Pastors all over the city have shared stories with Megacities staff of church growth, youth inspired, miraculous healings and the beginnings of new transformation in their communities.

The rest of the year will see many more teams coming, as well as the Global Youth Outreach, an exciting youth conference happening in October, and the Missions Mobilisation Conference, happening in November.