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Go and Make Disciples

Dec 20, 2017 | Written by mc_admin |

“Our young people, they are so uplifted because of the Discipleship Training.” – Pastor Ernesto Endab, Jeremiah 33:3 Christian International Fellowship, Pasig

Many pastors in Metro Manila expressed an urgency for greater levels of discipleship in the Body of Christ. They said there was need particularly among youth, but also among people that had been Christians for many years. Megacities always makes discipleship a priority, so this request fit perfectly with our mandate.

Teams were trained to pass on what they had applied in their own lives.The Discipleship Seminar – a multisession disciple making course was utilised all over the city. The teaching was accompanied by practical application, in order to not only hear about the things of God, but to live it.

Pastor Bombie of Las Piñas shared regarding Discipleship Seminars,

”They’re good for pastors and youth. It gives insight into how to pray, lead people to Christ, and how to represent Jesus. They are good for young people to motivate them to witness, and if the pastor attends, he can teach local people as well – they are very good for pastors and youth. The seminar ignites eagerness to serve God.”

Lydia Tan of YWAM Lausanne reported regarding a Discipleship Seminar held during Wave 3 in North Caloocan,

“As a team we held a Discipleship Seminar. One of the youth leaders we worked with attended the teaching. He told me a few weeks later that he had gone to a gathering of youth leaders, where he shared some of our teaching points that had really challenged him to listen more for God’s voice and to always obey Him. He said that the other leaders were inspired and wanting to apply it more too. It was encouraging to see God multiply the things that He was using us to teach others!”

Testimonies like this are too many to list. Over 1,200 people have attended Discipleship Seminars. In addition, a number of other specialised forms of training took place. Seminars have been running across Metro Manila covering a wide range of topics including health care, clean water technology, worship, intercession, the Bible, evangelism, children’s ministry and more. In many cases, different forms of training have also led to new partnerships among churches and other organisations. The results of this vast amount of training will carry on for many years to come.

This year across Metro Manila Plus:
82,434 People Attended Training Times
Teams were involved in 2,875 Hours of Teaching

Teams ran 149 Seminars, attended by a total of 5,082 people