Jesus the Healer

Dec 23, 2017 | Written by mc_admin |

“We’ve been so amazed that our church people are seeing people healed as they go with the teams.” – Pastor Alfredo Elias, Christ Forever Fellowship Church, Navotas.

What we do to the least of these, we do to Jesus (Matt. 25:31-46). Megacities teams reached out in all kinds of unique ways to show the love of the Father to the poor, broken, and hurting in Metro Manila Plus.

Amada Stapp, who led a YWAM Perth team in northern Quezon City during Wave 4, said,

“We were involved with sharing the gospel, praying for people and taking vitals, but there was also dentistry, a pharmacy, eyesight testing, and haircuts. It was really great to see the churches coming together, and we ended up seeing over 1,000 patients.”

This team, and a number of other teams specialised in health care, saw over 5,139 patients while also praying for the sick and preaching the gospel.

Other opportunities that teams were involved with included prison and hospital visits, mobile clinics in slum areas, relief work after fires, teaching on simple health care, ministry to street children, building of water filters, and construction of family housing, giving them many simple ways to show those that are hurting that they are LOVED by Jesus and not forgotten.

Another focus was ministering to children at risk. God spoke early to Megacities leaders regarding His desire for His people to share His love with street children all over Metro Manila Plus. Many teams ministered in this area, while a few specialised teams focused on street children for the majority of their ministry. Mobilising the Body of Christ to multiply efforts to reach out to street children has been a key strategy. One team produced a film spotlighting the plight of street children and how Filipinos could get involved. Other teams developed local ministry that churches continued after the team was gone, such as a simple outreach using basketball in San Juan.

“We shared with the Pastor our idea about starting a weekly ministry for street kids to come and play basketball, have some food and receive teaching about Jesus. He caught the vision straight away and is excited to provide food and bring in the youth from the church to be part of the ministry every Friday night!” – Hayley Lohmeyer, who led a YWAM Perth team in San Juan during Wave 3.

At the same time as teams sought to show the Father’s love practically, they were also praying for people who were sick. Hundreds of dramatic healings took place throughout the year, such as this one, shared by John Stockburger who led a YWAM Perth team in Montalban during Wave 4.

“We were doing an open air in a public market where the majority of the shopkeepers are Muslims who have been relocated from Mindanao. After one of the local Christians shared the gospel, it opened a door for one of our teammates and one of the mums who joined us to pray for a Muslim woman. We saw Jesus instantly heal her of tuberculosis, and then she gave her life to the Lord.”

Many pastors have testified how church members, while going with teams, saw God heal people on the streets for the first time. Through prayer, many miracles of God took place, including the restoration of people’s sight, hearing, and ability to walk. God has clearly shown on the streets of Manila that He is the God who heals and sets captives free.

Across Metro Manila Plus this year:
1,878 people were healed instantly

Teams engaged in 18,951 acts of mercy ministry
6,246 people received health care