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London, A Year On, Megacities Update

Jul 4, 2014 | Written by mc_admin |

Often the most exciting results of Megacities can be seen after we have finished a year focus in a city. One recent report from London highlights the long term impact Megacities seeks. A church recently reported the fruit of working alongside Megacities teams back in 2012.

During the Megacities year in London a team working in the borough of Haringey connected with a number of local churches. The team began inviting the churches to go out with them as they did ministry in the area. Initiated by the team, together they joined with an organisation that was running a soccer program for boys on Monday nights. It took place in a government housing estate.

The team went along to the Monday night soccer program with church members. After the team left the church members continued to attend and help out every week. However the organisation running the program informed them that they no longer welcomed their participation any more, as they did not want a church involved. Not letting it stop them after being inspired by the Megacities teams, the church felt led to start their own soccer nights on Fridays.

Things started out slow but eventually they were getting 25 teenage boys coming regularly! They have been able to teach, encourage and speak into the lives of these boys. Some of the boys have attended youth and they have recently seen one boy give his life to Jesus! Before the team arrived the church had no ministry in the housing estate. But after joining in with the team and getting a heart for the youth they continue the program today and are excited to see what God has for them in the future.