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“The teams have taught us how to do missions.” – Pastor Ricardo Leal, Jesus Christ Holy Redeemer Church, San Mateo

Megacities teams in Manila invited local Christians to join them as often as possible. Many people joined throughout the year, resulting in hundreds being inspired, challenged and equipped to rise up and reach their own communities, even after Megacities finishes.

“We did evangelism in different areas in Pateros. We did open airs. We are not just exposing the community to the gospel, but our church was challenged to be a part of missions. For our youth and young adult leaders we accepted the challenge,” said Pastor Dave from Pateros.

All over the city, many believers got involved with teams in going to the streets and preaching the gospel – from youth groups, pastors, church members, and even children!

“We invited different churches to do evangelism. One of the churches joined and brought 20 children (ages 10-12) to do street evangelism for the first time! We went out in groups for 45 minutes – the children came and shared back that they saw 16 salvations, 5 instant healings and over 30 people prayed for!”, reported Holli Johnson from the YWAM Perth team in San Juan during Wave 3.

Pastor Jerome from Jesus is Lord Church in South Caloocan testified,

“The best thing that Megacities has done is to inspire our youth to do street evangelism and to have a heart to win souls. The Word of God is being preached to people. When our young people joined the Megacities teams they have been compelled to share the gospel. The teams have triggered their heart for evangelism.”

This testimony represents many more that have been reported from all over Metro Manila Plus.

As the body of Christ continues to engage their city, there is potential for a movement to take place that can have a far reaching impact, not just in the Philippines, but in the nations as well. This has been at the very heart of Megacities throughout the year – the desire to see the Body of Christ and local communities inspired and equipped to transform their own city and beyond.

3,715 people were led to the Lord by local Christians while out on evangelism with Megacities teams

135 people were led to the Lord by locals who had recently become Christians through Megacities teams