Taking God’s Word to the Streets

Dec 23, 2017 | Written by mc_admin |

“The people are becoming more responsive to the things of God. I believe this is the result of the prayers.” – Pastor Albert Operio, Jesus the Great Shepherd Fellowship International, San Mateo

Over the year, teams spent 8,661 hours interceding for Metro Manila Plus.

It is impossible to separate the results of Megacities from the hundreds of hours of prayer and intercession that teams and individuals have spent crying out to God for Metro Manila Plus. Joining in with the many intercessors who have been praying for the Philippines for decades, teams took prayer to the streets in unique ways to help usher in deeper breakthrough and openness to the gospel.

Even before Megacities started, two teams came and prayer walked through every major street of Metro Manila Plus, mapping the city in detail as they went. Further teams built on this through intercession, more prayer walking, and public Bible reading.

Prayer walking was a key way teams cried out to God for the communities they lived in. He responded by breaking their heart for the lost and broken. Strategy and vision from the Lord was born out of these times, leading to implementation by teams in effective and creative ways.

Bible reading in particular made a great impression. While it is an act of intercession in itself, it also communicates the value of the Word of God to others. Pastor Lourdman from Quezon City said, “The team opened the church for reading the Bible. We have now started to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.” Other churches have also started regular ministry of public Bible reading.

Many times, public Bible reading even opened up opportunities to go further. Mitchel, a member of a team from YWAM Mazatlan during Wave 1 said, “During our first few days we were reading the Bible out loud in public. A young guy came up and was listening to us read, so someone on our team struck up a conversation with him. We were able to share the gospel with him and give him his own Bible in Tagalog. He ended up surrendering his life to Christ! He came to church the following Sunday and we were able to share more in depth with him.”

As teams continued interceding in a variety of ways, God brought breakthrough across the city. These hours and hours of intercession will continue to have influence in concert with the prayer of the Body of Christ in Metro Manila Plus.