2014 Kolkata

The Second Wave

Sep 12, 2014 | Written by annekb |

During the 2nd wave of Megacities over 200 missionaries teamed up with locals to work towards city transformation, engaging with churches, community workers, NGOs, slums, youth groups, schools, and a juvenile detention centre. Megacities also ran four seminars during Wave 2, which equipped locals in health care, the Bible, leadership, and child development.  The Simple Health Care team trained 168 local community workers who in turn taught 522 people vital health information like fever reduction, dehydration, hygiene and hand washing.   Over 400 workers from schools, churches and aid organizations attended seminars on Child Development.  A Christian school in Howrah put the teaching into practice immediately and within a week’s time reported that the children were learning more quickly, were happier and better behaved. The teachers were happier too!  Faith is rising among local believers as they witness the change beginning to take place in their communities.   A local pastor from the south said we “have been praying for breakthrough for many years and things are finally moving.”  A pastor in the west shared this testimony: “People [have] filled the church today and many new believers were present. And in the Sunday school 27 kids were present which was really amazing. And in our youth fellowship 8 youths came in search of Jesus.”  Even though Megacities is only just approaching its half way point, locals have already caught the vision and are being led by God to launch new ministries to reach their city.   In total, over the first two waves, 1019 people have given their lives to Jesus, 411 have been instantly healed, and over 20,000 have received teaching.