2017 Manila

Thousands Added to the Church

Dec 20, 2017 | Written by mc_admin |

“Many people have joined our church because they got saved through the Megacities teams.” – Pastor Flibert Paje, Hope for the World International Ministries, Cainta

True transformation takes place as people give their lives to Jesus. Sharing the gospel in all areas of society is central in ministry for every Megacities team. Teams encountered incredible softness to the gospel all over Metro Manila Plus. From high schools to colleges, government offices to prisons, in hospitals, parks, and on the streets of Manila, thousands of people have said “Yes!” to surrendering their lives to Jesus.

Pastor Duane of Book of Life Bible Christian Church in Manila City said,

“Thousands of people have heard the Gospel through the teams sharing in high schools and running sports clinics. It’s the first time we’re holding church services in the communities. Our people are more excited about going out and sharing the gospel!”

Not only have we seen people hearing and responding to the gospel – people’s lives are being transformed! David, from a YWAM Perth team in North Manila during Wave 1, said,

“We’ve been doing a lot of prison ministry and have seen around 400 people accept Jesus. We led the inmates through discipleship, and some of the prison officers too. By the end we were able to give them Bibles and conduct Bible studies with them. One of the prisoners told us that he’s getting out of prison in a few weeks, but would really like to continue the discipleship process. He has organised to continue meeting with our local church contact and would like to join the prison ministry.”

Over 20,000 people have given their lives to Christ through Megacities teams and local church members partnering together in evangelism. Pastors have reported church growth, including Pastor Jun of Christ’s Gospel Fellowship in Makati, who reported,

“We had a lot of empty seats in our 2 Sunday services. But since the Megacities team has been going out on evangelism, both services are completely full!”

Many other churches have experienced this same blessing, such as Pastor Lourdman from Tameion City Church in Quezon City, who said,

“Since January, with Megacities teams, the church has grown rapidly. Before, we did one service every month, using a space that fits two to three hundred people, and now this space will not fit everyone. Growth is happening in our church, not only with us, but also other ministries here in the area.”

The hearts of the people of Metro Manila Plus are so tender to the gospel. Our prayer is that this movement of salvation will multiply exponentially all over the city and nation.

In Metro Manila Plus this year:
101,657 Heard the Gospel
33,475 Lives Committed to Christ