2014 Kolkata

Training and Equipping the Local Church

Feb 4, 2015 | Written by josmith |


Pastor Michael* first heard about Megacities when another local Pastor told him that a team from Australia would be coming over to meet with them. Pastor Michael went to this meeting hoping that they would financially sponsor him or give him a donation! Instead, he heard about how Megacities wanted to partner with the local church, leaving Pastor Michael wondering how he would be able to help, and if this vision was even possible. He saw Kolkata as a hard place, and although he had never tried it, he thought it would be very difficult to do evangelism or share the gospel with people in the city.

The first Megacities team he met was a medical team, who were sharing the gospel with people whilst running a medical camp in a church. He wasn’t sure how he could help, but decided to serve through translation. As he experienced the team treating patients and sharing the gospel with people, he recognised “yeah it’s working actually.” Pastor Michael later helped to arrange another medical camp in his church, and began to send his youth group out with the team to help run other open air medical camps in different areas.

The second team to come were not a medical team, but engaged in prayer walking, evangelism and outreach. Pastor Michael sent some people out with the team to do prayer walking and intercession prayer, and through this time they learnt many things. This encouraged Pastor Michael and other local people to start doing their own prayer walking and outreach, saying that it was their turn to try doing the many things that they had learnt from the Megacities team. After the second team left Kolkata they continued with their own outreach, and have now gone out to several different areas in the city.

Through the help of the Megacities teams, Pastor Michael has been able to start his own ministry. He has invited other Pastors, churches and youth groups to join with them in doing prayer walking, intercession and evangelism, and more people are now starting to get involved.  When the third team arrived, they did their first open air meeting, which was an exciting new experience for them. Through learning about prayer walking, intercession, and evangelism whilst working with Megacities teams, local churches are now partnering together in Kolkata to see long term transformation in their city.

* Not his real name for security reasons