2014 Kolkata

Update from Megacities, Kolkata

Jul 4, 2014 | Written by mc_admin |

Recently, Megacities teams in Kolkata gathered for “corporate”. A meeting held every 3-4 weeks where all teams, and any other local Christians, gather. At corporate, teams share testimonies, worship together and intercede for the city. This was the first corporate in Kolkata. Afterwards all the teams and locals joined together in an outreach, including performing arts and street evangelism.

“We were praying for our taxi driver to know Jesus. He took us to the Megacities meeting and spent the day there. He saw the dramas and songs and I was looking to find him afterwards. I wanted to pray and share the Gospel with him. When the speaker made the alter call, the driver immediately got up. He walked over to a homeless man and then looked at me, “he needs prayer.” So I started to share with the homeless man but the man didn’t speak any English. So I asked our driver to translate. At first he was hesitant, but eventually I was sharing the Gospel to the homeless man through our Hindu taxi driver! At one point the taxi driver took over and said, “Jesus can solve your problems” and then asked me “that’s true, right?” I laughed and told him “yes, God has the power to do so!” Eventually I shared more with the taxi driver as well and he said he felt a peace and a lightness. He told me that he never had been to a church before but that he believes Jesus is real now.” (YWAM Louisville)

The taxi driver wasn’t the only one to experience the reality of Jesus Christ that day. Of the 310 people who heard the gospel, either performed or communicated one on one, 31 made a choice to follow Christ.

“While doing an open air during a corporate Megacities time, we had the chance to follow up with a boy after the gospel message. With someone translating who had just accepted Jesus himself, we asked if the boy understood the story of Jesus that was depicted in the drama. He said he had understood and was ready to get to know Jesus better. After explaining he could have no other gods and that Jesus loved him, he said a prayer to invite Jesus into his heart and left with a wide grin on his face.” – Rebekah Dineen (IPHC) and Loic Marsh (PA DTS)

All over the city, people are hearing about Jesus and responding to Him.  146 people have now responded to the Gospel since Megacities began.  Of course not everyone who hears about Him makes the decision to follow Him, but one thing is certain: getting to hear about Jesus gives them the chance to choose. And every day there are more who do.

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