2014 Kolkata

“We Like Your Jesus!”

Jul 23, 2014 | Written by mc_admin |


Kolkata, India is Megacities’ focused city for 2014. Since April, many teams have been doing God’s work through prayer walking, Bible reading, evangelism, the arts, music, medical services, and cooperation with local churches, and they’ve found that people are eager to hear and receive Jesus.

Multiple teams report evidence of God going ahead of them to soften hearts. Many locals have asked what teams are doing while they do ministry on the streets. When told that they’ve come to share about Jesus, many have replied with, “I’ve wanted to be a Christian for a long time,” or even, “We like your Jesus! Can you tell us more about Him?” The Holy Spirit is causing miraculous divine appointments. One team had a call from an unknown number with two men on the line saying, “I want to be a Christian today.” The team had no idea how these men got their information, but they met with them later and both received Christ. Because of God’s faithfulness there have been nearly 600 salvations.

Overflowing stories of healing both physical and emotional are being reported. One of the 200 + miracles took place when a woman was immediately healed from intense neck pain. After someone explained to her what it meant to choose Jesus alone, she replied, “If Jesus is the one who has healed me and brought me this peace, then yes, I want to follow him.”

A critical part of Megacities’ goal is seeing local Christians mobilised. Over 12,000 have heard teaching through discipleship seminars, and locals are putting into practice what they have learned. Youth and adults are joining teams in evangelism and are gaining confidence in their faith. A youth leader in Kolkata says, “Our youth have learned how to evangelise and talk about Jesus to people. They know how to share the gospel. They say, ‘Even though the team is not here, we can still go and evangelise.’”

Where will you allow the Lord to take your feet this year? Jesus has incredible plans for Kolkata, and more teams are needed on the field. Come and join God’s work! People want to know Him. “We like your Jesus!”