2014 Kolkata

Youth Mobilisation

Feb 4, 2015 | Written by josmith |

A critical value throughout YWAM’s history is that we champion young. Young people have huge potential, and through the process of discipleship, their passion and enthusiasm can be utilised to change their cities for Jesus. A part of the focus of Megacities is always on the youth in the body of Christ within the city.

As one local youth pastor explained; ‘our youth came to know how to evangelise people, how to talk about Jesus to the people, how to share the gospel…So they told me that, “Although (the) YWAM team is not here, we can go and share the gospel.”’ Praise God that we have the opportunity to help train and equip the local church in a way that means even after teams have left Kolkata the good work will continue.

Pastor Gus Peters of Carey Baptist Church shares how some of his young people went into a local slum with a team serving with them, and since then they have been asking if they can start a ministry in the slum more long term. Pastor Gus noted that “In their going, their own lives were changed. Their lives were transformed”

This transformation and mobilisation of young people is being observed all across Kolkata. Professor Nath, leader of Vision India, which works with children in slums, and member of the Church of North India (CNI) Diocese Human Resource Development (HRD) group, said that the young people he works with ‘have been challenged – that yes we can go out, and reach out to different areas…we have been challenged for a higher vision, a great vision and a great mission.’ He later added “they have taken the challenge and they reach out to every area, to every nook and corner of this city, and to the other parts of India with the message of Christ, motivated, and transformed by the Megacities team.”

Cities shape their nations and young people will shape the future of their cities. We are excited to see so many young people engaging with the Megacities teams, getting hands on experience in prayer walking, evangelism, open airs, and other ministries as they reach out to people and extend God’s Kingdom in the city. Please continue to pray for us for further breakthrough and further transformation in Kolkata, India. Megacities finishes in Kolkata at the end of March, 2015.