Connect With a Team in Your Neighbourhood

Share with us your heart for your city

Do You Live in Manila?

Megacities teams are in Manila right now. If you live in Manila and would like to be involved, we would love to hear from you. You can get in contact with us at . We look forward to hearing from you.


Churches can invite teams to visit, host teams, or let us know about your church and what you do. Youth groups can go out with teams, and be inspired to attempt great things for God. Much of the long term fruit of Megacities comes from churches and youth groups getting involved in their own communities alongside teams.

The quality of people, who have come through Megacities into our churches and into our city, has been amazing: the level of servant hood, the heart to serve God, to serve churches, not coming in with their own agendas but to really serve the purposes and plans of God.

- Linda, London


Anyone can get involved and work alongside teams, doing evangelism, prayer walking, helping the poor and more. Teams love to have local Christians join them for ministry. Teams are full of young, vibrant Christians who have a passion to serve Jesus in all kinds of ways. Its our goal and passion to energise, encourage and partner with people like you.

I felt so happy, and honoured too, that I could join one of the teams that was here before. It really opened my mind too, and changed me. Many people out there need us to tell them about the good news, so they can accept Jesus and have salvation.

- Olivia, Jakarta


Megacities will be organising several seminars. Anointed, experienced teachers in all kinds of areas, bringing training to equip and empower the local church and other organisations. Let us know what you are interested in and we can let you know when applicable seminars are taking place in your region of the city. Each team is also equipped to run Discipleship Seminars.

This training helped me to become a good mentor, responsible person, co-operative as well as how to use my ability to face different circumstances. In future I hope we will be able to learn more things from this group.

- Musarrat, Kolkata