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Megacities in Manila

The Filipino people are an incrediblly welcoming and hospitable people. Many are excited for what God is going to do in Manila through teams, trainers and initiatives over 2017

Manila at a Glance

Manila is a vibrant city with a strong national identity that has been and continues to be receptive to the Gospel. With a population of over 15 million, Manila is the cultural, political, economic and social centre of the nation, and is an influential trendsetter in the south-east Asian region.

Today the Philippines is the oldest Christian nation in Asia. Both Catholic and Protestant Churches in Manila maintain a very visible presence. You will often see Christian slogans on city billboards or hear worship music being played in shopping malls. Most people in Manila have at least an awareness of Jesus, but the city continues to have major social challenges. Some of the more well known issues include street children, drug trafficking and pockets of prostitution.

Ministry Opportunities

Since Megacities was welcomed to Manila by national church leaders the country has experienced significant changes. One change for example is the massive amount of people who have turned themselves in to the police. Churches are being asked to help disciple these people. These unique opportunities can lead to the Kingdom of God advancing and seeing dramatic transformation of communities in the city.

Already teams are seeing open doors for ministry with churches, in schools and amongst the lost and marginalised of this city. There are opportunities for people of every kind of ministry focus; teachers, trainers, counsellors, musicians, artists, healthcare workers, those ready to reach out to the poorer communities and those willing to serve.

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MegacitiesSunday, November 5th, 2017 at 2:10pm
Yesterday was our Day of Compassion and we have an incredible update on what God did! With 1 team still sending in their statistics, here is how God moved.

With international teams and a total of 297 locals, we saw 703 salvations and 62 healings across the different regions of the city!

There were many exciting testimonies we have heard so far, and here is one sent from John Stockburger!

“Randy noticed a police station and felt led to go inside, somehow he got through security and found himself sitting next to a Filipino man who had just been arrested for murder. He than found a translator and somehow got into the local holding cell, and after sharing the Gospel saw all 60 of the inmates respond to Jesus. Then later in the day we were doing an open air in a public market where the majority of the shopkeepers are Muslims who have been relocated from Mindanao. After one of the locals shared the gospel it opened a door for one of our teammates and one of the moms who joined us to pray for a Muslim woman who was instantly healed of Tuberculosis and then gave her life to the Lord.”
MegacitiesSaturday, November 4th, 2017 at 12:40am
Tomorrow is the Day of Compassion where many people from all over Manila will be gathering in different regions for outreach! We are so excited to partner with the locals and many people that we have met at the GYO. Please join us for a day of evangelism where we know God is going to move!
Megacities added 9 new photos.Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 6:34pm
Last night was a day of freedom at the GYO! Pete Brownhill finishing the night with an incredible message on God as the Father. A deeper understanding of who the Father is, His role and how He wants us to draw near. A focus on the fact that we come to Jesus but the ultimate destination is God the Father.
The message was followed by a time of application where peoples lives were being touched by the love of God. An incredible end to day 2 of the GYO where God brought transformation to the lives of many!
Today is the last day and we are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do! There is still time to come and join us!

“We are so thrilled for what God is doing through Megacities. Our teams had an amazing outreach and the way Megacities facilitates for the teams is adding so much to the fruitfulness. For the students to see a unified way of serving the well-being of a city is a wonderful approach.”

- MARKUS STEFFEN, YWAM Lausanne Base Director, U of N International President

Ministry &

As a short term Megacities outreach team, you are taking part in a longer term, strategic effort to impact a city

Who Will We Work With?

Upon arrival, you will be given a number of contacts in your region. These are churches, ministries, NGOs, schools and others that we have previously connected with and are waiting to connect with you. Some of them have pre-established ministry, others have pioneering ideas. We encourage you to work with as many of these contacts provided as possible, in order to be strategic in mobilizing and uniting the local body of Christ. We ask teams to not get stuck working with only one local ministry, but to be active in drawing the body of Christ out onto the streets, together, to reach their city.

What Will We Do?

The heart of Megacities is to mobilise and strengthen the body of Christ in order to reach their city. Your team can join in on what the churches are already doing and also invite them to join in on what God is leading you to do - e.g. evangelism, prayer walking, community outreach, etc. The specific form of these ministries can vary greatly, depending on the local situation, your team’s unique gifting, and the leading of the Lord. Teams with a specific focus (for example: art, sports, mercy ministry, etc) will be placed in a location where they can maximise these gifts.

What about the Schedule?

Megacities does not set up your daily schedule, but provides ministry contacts who are eager to work with you so that you can quickly get involved where you feel God is leading you. Megacities places a high emphasis on teams discarding any pre-planned agenda, and instead seek the Lord together with local leaders on how your team can best minister in the region you are placed in. The details of your daily schedule are up to you. If you find that difficult, Megacities staff can assist with ideas or suggestions as needed.

What's the Next Step?

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